Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M Wheels for Audi fitment

Audi b8 s4 hartmann wheels hlp 410 gsm 19 dy1 hwm
Audi b8 s4 hartmann wheels hlp 410 gsm 19 dy1 hwm
Hartmann hlp 410 gsm wheel audi vw

Gloss Silver : Machined Face

The Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M replica wheels are a 10 spoke mesh style wheel finished in a Gloss Silver color with a machined face and lip with a clearcoat. The HLP-410-GS:M accepts an OEM Audi centercap, part #4B0 601 170 7ZJ. The Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M replica wheel has a 5×112 bolt pattern (PCD) and uses OEM Audi 14×1.5mm R13 ball seat lug bolts.

  • Gloss Silver Machined finish
  • Guaranteed fitment
  • OE quality and strength
  • Uses OEM Audi R13 ball seat lug bolts
  • Accepts OEM Audi centercap #4B0 601 170 7ZJ
  • TPMS compatible
  • 12 month finish warranty
  • Low pressure cast aluminum alloy (same as OEM manufacturing)
  • Heat treated for high strength
  • Tested to JWL, VIA, and TUV standards

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Purchase Hartmann HLP-410-GS:M wheels online at Achtuning.com

Wheel Sizes

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Size Bolt Pattern ET Center Bore Stock Level Additional Information Price
19x8.50 5x112 +38 66.56 In Stock Gloss Silver : Machined Face $290.00

Vehicle Fitment

Audi 8V A3: 2015-present (19" ET38)
Audi B5 A4: 1996-2001 (19" ET38)
Audi B6 A4: 2002-2005.5 (19" ET38)
Audi B7 A4: 2005.5-2008 (19" ET38)
Audi B8 A4: 2009-2016 (19" ET38)
Audi B9 A4: 2017-present (19" ET38)
Audi B8 A5: 2008-2017 (19" ET38)
Audi B9 A5: 2018-present (19" ET38)
Audi C5 A6 2.8L and 3.0L: 1998-2004 (19" ET38)
Audi C5 A6 4.2L: 1998-2004 (19" ET38)
Audi C6 A6: 1998-2011 (19" ET38)
Audi C7 A6 2.0T & TDI: 2012-2003 (19" ET38)
Audi C7 A6 2.0T & TDI: 2014-present (19" ET38)
Audi C7 A6 3.0T: 2012-present (19" ET38)
Audi C7 A7: 2012-present (19" ET38)
Audi D2 A8: 1997-2002 (19" ET38)
Audi D3 A8 V8: 2003-2011 (19" ET38)
Audi D3 A8 W12: 2003-2011 (19" ET38)
Audi D4 A8 non-W12: 2012-present (19" ET38)
Audi B8 allroad: 2013-2016 (19" ET38)
Audi B9 allroad: 2017-present (19" ET38)
Audi Q3: 2015-present (19" ET38)
Audi B8 Q5: 2009-2016 (19" ET38) *New lugbolts required
Audi B9 Q5: 2017-present (19" ET38) *New lugbolts required
Audi 8V RS3: 2017-present (19" ET38 *235/35-19 only)
Audi 8V S3: 2015-present (19" ET38)
Audi B6 S4: 2004-2005.5 (19" ET38)
Audi B7 S4: 2005.5-2008 (19" ET38)
Audi B8 S4: 2010-2016 (19" ET38)
Audi B9 S4: 2017-present (19" ET38)
Audi B8 S5: 2008-2017 (19" ET38)
Audi B9 S5: 2018-present (19" ET38)
Audi C5 S6: 2002-2003 (19" ET38)
Audi C6 S6: 2007-2011 (19" ET38)
Audi D2 S8: 2002-2003 (19" ET38)
Audi D3 S8: 2007-2012 (19" ET38)
Audi B8 SQ5: 2013-2016 (19" ET38) *New lugbolts required
Audi B9 SQ5: 2017-present (19" ET38) *New lugbolts required
Audi MkIII TT: 2016-present (19" ET38)
Audi MkIII TTS: 2016-present (19" ET38)